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Carpet Recycling UK Awards 2018

The Carpet Recycling UK Awards 2018 are now open for entry.

All entries should be submitted by Tuesday 29th May. Entrants must be a member of Carpet Recycling UK.

Winners will be announced at the Carpet Recycling UK Conference and Awards event at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium on Thursday 5th July 2018.

There are four award categories open for entry:

  • Recycler of the Year
  • Reuse Member of the Year
  • Take Back Partner of the Year
  • Recycling Champion

Recycler of the Year

Award criteria: This award is open to Carpet Recycling UK members that have developed and are continuing to develop new systems and processes to recycle carpet waste. The winner will be innovative and will be working to drive waste up the hierarchy.

Applicable to:

  • Recyclers accepting waste carpet for reprocessing
  • Manufacturers developing novel processes to reduce carpet waste

Reuse Member of the Year

Award criteria: Reuse is top of the waste hierarchy. Not only does it provide the best environmental option for carpet tiles it also provides important social benefits. This award is open to reuse organisations that can demonstrate successful take back and reuse of carpet tiles from construction and refurbishment projects.

Applicable to:

  • Reuse organisations accepting waste carpet for cleaning and re-sale

Take Back Partner of the Year

Award criteria: An award for a distributor, flooring contractor or retailer member who has successfully worked and is continuing to work with the supply chain to recycle off cuts and/or uplifted carpet.

Applicable to:

  • Distributors
  • Flooring contractors
  • Retailers
  • Recyclers working with distributors, flooring contactors and retailers

Recycling Champion

Award criteria: Successful recycling within a company is often driven by an enthusiastic 'Recycling Champion' who is committed to waste minimisation and recycling and ensures that everyone within the company is aware of systems that have been put in place. This award will go to a member who has worked hard and shown commitment within a company to set up systems and processes to increase carpet recycling at their site.

Applicable to:

  • Individuals going the 'extra mile' to ensure as much carpet as possible is recycled
  • You may also like to nominate a colleague for this award

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