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Growing demand for polypropylene from carpets

This year has seen a growing demand for polypropylene (PP) in two outlets stimulated by Carpet Recycling UK activities.

In the fibre reprocessing sector significant investments by companies in Lancashire and Yorkshire has seen recycled PP fibres extracted from carpets replacing non recycled fibres for use in non woven felts.

PP has value in fibre bonding both mechanically and thermally. In the plastics sector there is also increasing demand for PP recyclates and key challenges in processing low density fibrous products like carpets have been overcome. Research work conducted by Axion Consulting has shown that hard carpet wastes from manufacturing can be compounded to include the chalk and latex to give acceptable ingredients for moulding purposes.

Based on this growth in post industrial carpets, the next stage is to capitalise on post installation wastes which are currently going to landfill. Extensive pilot trials involving collection of post installation wastes are being evaluated by Carpet Recycling UK members to optimise logistics, cost and effectiveness.

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