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Carpet Recycling at ReUse
Published October 2017

1052When moving into a new home, many people rely on friends and families to supply furniture, but, when it comes to carpets, they are left with a choice of living without or sourcing new for a considerable price.

That's why ReUse, a project run by Newground, part of the Together Housing Group, accept carpet tiles for recycling. The scheme, which sells restored furniture and electrical appliances to tenants and people in the community, recently moved to its new base in Pickup Street, Blackburn.

Sara Knagg, Centre Co-Coordinator at ReUse, says that the service not only supports tenants and others in the community looking for affordable floor coverings, but also helps companies who want to recycle their carpet tiles and meet their social responsibility targets:

"We know that many companies are looking for environmentally sound solutions for disposing of their carpet tiles and by using Newground ReUse they can not only find that solution but can also help the local community in the process."

The scheme isn't just about flooring. For the past few years it has been restoring furniture and training unemployed local people in restoration, warehousing and sales. Sara says they've helped people but also helped the environment: "We're 100% landfill free, so we know we're doing our bit for the environment, but we're about people too and we've helped many people into further learning and employment as well as providing volunteering opportunities.

1051 "We're really keen to work with companies who want to buy into our ethos, provide flooring for those who need it and dispose of their carpet tiles in an ethical way."

Anyone wanting to talk to Sara about the scheme can call in to their offices at Pickup Street, Blackburn BB1 5DW or can email Sara at sara.knagg@togetherhousing.co.uk If they want to see some of the products currently on offer or find out more about the scheme, they can visit www.reusetogether.co.uk

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