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Laneve Slippers from Recycled Carpet Yarns
Published November 2017

1081As part of the Association of Architectural Educators Conference in September, Carpet Recycling UK member Greenstream Flooring Wools of New Zealand partner Crucial Trading have been promoting the benefits of New Zealand wool to UK consumers via a series of images each one focusing on one of wools selling points. The campaign is part of an ongoing partnership in which Wools of New Zealand are working closely with Crucial Trading's Sales and Marketing team to educate consumers about our wool in return for Crucial Trading specifying our wool within certain products. Crucial Trading's flagship ranges which include "Fabulous" and "Biscayne" are built on Laneve. The images are used at interior design events, in lifestyle magazine advertising and on social media.

1082 "The Laneve brand from Wools of New Zealand helps us to elevate our New Zealand wool products above other floor coverings. Crucial Trading sell to consumers that value style, quality and integrity all of which are assured by selecting Laneve wool". Says Emma Hopkins - Crucial Trading Marketing Manger. "Wools of New Zealand give us the tools we need to reach modern consumers who are willing to invest in superb quality Floor coverings."

To enhance the eco credentials of Laneve Wools of New Zealand have partnered with German footwear brand Zud Wolle to convert the left over yarn from the production of Fabulous and Biscayne into hand made slippers. Carpet Slip-Ons by Zud Wolle using Laneve wool from the production of Crucial Trading's carpets.

1082 Wools of New Zealand were approached by Zud Woolle who were looking for a source of 100% New Zealand wool yarn.

"We asked Zud Wolle if they would consider a recycled yarn which would greatly enhance the marketing story for Crucial Trading, WNZ and Zud Wolle. Everyone agreed so German consumers can now enjoy the luxury of New Zealand wool even when they forget to install wall to wall carpets" said Steven Parsons - Brand & Market Development Manager at Wools of New Zealand. "We are now introducing Zud Wolle to more of our Laneve partners and assisting them to grow the demand for recycled carpet products."

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