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Machtech/Mid UK - Fire hazard solutions
Published April 2018

Fire hazard solutions

There have been on average more than 300 fires per year at waste and recycling plants all across the UK between 2001 and 2013.

Mid UK has invested in over 20 Lindner industrial shredding machines across their sites over the past 10 years, and has just welcomed the first of MachTech Services installation of 2018, another Lindner Jupiter 3200, it helps shred the 350,000 tons of waste that arrives and is processed on its sites per annum.

Needless to say, Mid UK takes the unavoidable threat of fire hazards very seriously.

In fact, Mid UK has been stringent in enforcing and abiding by all health and safety regulations on site as well as putting in place systems to get unavoidable combustions under control and tackle fires immediately. Solutions provided by FireShield Systems Ltd and offer Mid UK's multiple Lindner Shredders quality and reliability for what is an incredibly harsh working environment.

FireShield Systems Ltd

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