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Greenstream win Elite Best Small Employer Award
Published April 2018


Greenstream was delighted to receive recognition from Elite Supported Employment Agency by winning the Best Small Employer Category Award jointly with Able Radio.

'We feel really humbled to have won this award' commented Ellen Petts, MD of Greenstream. 'The guys that we employ come to us from Elite with a variety of difficulties whether it be mild learning disabilities or some kind of other personal difficulty that puts them at a disadvantage in finding employment. All of them however are a pleasure to have here and most importantly provide us with real valued workforce. Yes, they might need a little extra help getting to grips with timekeeping and some of the basics of employment but ninety nine percent of them have provided us with a reliable, hard working work force that we could not have managed without' she added.

We are delighted to be one of many employers that help prove that people with learning difficulties should not be labelled as too difficult to employ, they simply need an opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment - that shouldn't be too much to ask from any large or small employer or our public bodies in Wales?

Elite Supported Employment Agency vision is about enabling people with disabilities or at a disadvantage to access, attain and maintain employment. It was set up in Mid Glamorgan during 1994 to help adults with learning disabilities access and maintain paid employment in their area. The Agency is currently funded by a range of sources, including the Social Services Departments of Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council, Merthyr County Borough Council and Bridgend County Borough Council and the European Social Fund (Wales) and Jobcentre Plus Programmes.

Congratulations to Ellen and the team on your many awards this year so far. Ellen is pictured with Lesley Griffiths, Welsh Assembly Minister for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs at the Construction Excellence Winners reception in December. The challenge was for Lesley to see if she could work out which are new and which are re-used carpet tiles.


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