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More local authorities collecting carpets for recycling & recovery

Local authorities collecting carpets for recycling

Over the past 18 months, the number of unitary and disposal-based local authorities in the UK collecting carpets at HWRC sites has increased from 15 to 45. This means that around 25% of local authorities are now separating carpets and avoiding landfill.

Carpet Recycling UK research amongst recycling and energy recovery members has also established that more than 200 HWRC sites are now involved in segregating carpets, giving more than seven million households the opportunity to recycle their carpets. The average household carpet disposal rate is 6.7 kgs per year, with a range from 3.8 to 9.6 kgs dependant on catchment area size plus length of time collections have been established. Collection levels are higher in the more densely populated areas.

This research will be used to help more local authorities engage in collecting carpets, increasing their site recovery rates and saving raw materials for re-use or primary fuel replacement.


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