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Changes to Waste Transfer Note regulations

New regulations relating to the requirement for waste transfer notes (WTN) came into force earlier this year.

The changes remove the legal requirement for the standard WTN form to be in place for each movement of waste. Written information about the transfer of waste is still a legal requirement; however this can take on different forms other than the standard paper WTN. For example, electronic WTNs can be generated using Edoc, a free, online system that uses an easy to fill in template and allows you produce and share WTNs with businesses involved and use electronic signatures. This reduces the need for paper copies and allows records to be saved online.

Invoices and other types of documentation could also be used in place of the standard WTN form but these must incorporate information outlined in Regulation 35 of the 2011 Regulations - including signatures (which can be electronic). The list of requirements can be found at www.legislation.gov.uk

Find out more about Edoc via edoconline.co.uk. For further information about the 'written information' requirements or Edoc, please contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.


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