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Progressive approach wins Greenstream an MRW Award

Carpet Recycling UK member Greenstream Recycling CIC was announced as winner of a prestigious MRW award for Resource Management Business of the Year (small) at the National Recycling Awards in July.

The company, which reuses the carpet tiles it receives by selling them to the community, individuals, businesses and organisations, has seen a year on year growth in turnover since it was set up 2009. Judges of the MRW award commented: "Greenstream Recycling showed great thinking around the circular economy. The desire to push materials up the waste hierarchy and have a social impact is worth recognising."

Managing Director of Greenstream, Ellen Petts, also led a workshop on recycling and repurposing textiles at the recent RWM Exhibition in Birmingham. The workshop formed part of the new Circular Economy Connect programme at the show.

For more information about Greenstream, visit: www.findcarpettiles.co.uk


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