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Broadview - Next Generation Carpet Recycling for UK

Broadview Group International LLC (BGI) has developed systems to recycle US carpet styles providing high purity fibres and polymers such as Nylon and PET. They have now taken up the challenge of extracting fibres and polymers such as PP from sorted post-consumer carpets from UK. It is now well established that polypropylene forms the base material for the majority of UK carpets in both pile and backings; however many other materials are used to make the composite carpet. Separating these materials to release higher value is the major challenge.

Recent trials have demonstrated the possibilities of sorting the high PP fraction, single polymer carpets from the variety of different post-consumer carpet styles used in UK to achieve 98% purity fibres. These fibres are suitable for non-woven and resin uses. The trials are now being expanded to optimise finished product characteristics to suit a wide range of end uses for recycled fibres and plastics based on PP.

For more information about partnership and licensing opportunities in Europe you can contact BGI on +001 440 324 9967 or e-mail mailto:info@bvgllc.net

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