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Carpet Recycling UK leading the industry on sustainability

Financial backing from Carpet Recycling UK's core funders has been crucial in the industry's achievement of diverting waste carpet from landfill: A diversion rate of 28% last year represents considerable progress from just 2% seven years ago.

Director Laurance Bird thanked CRUK's core funders and members for their commitment and contribution: "They have provided the vital impetus to the recycling and landfill diversion cause which would not have been possible without their unstinting support. We, and the environment, have a lot to thank them for."

CRUK's core funders are Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors/Headlam, Desso, Ege, Milliken, Balsan and Marlings.

Robert Barker, Finance Director at Cormar Carpets, explains how they have focussed on their carpet waste streams from manufacturing since joining CRUK. "What we originally classified as waste can now be considered a valued raw material. We're seeing more value as the carpet waste market develops, due to CRUK's active work; plus our customers' businesses are now beginning to benefit too."

Keith Hall, Technical Manager at Desso says: "Desso are proud to have been associated with CRUK since the organisation was founded and we remain committed as a core funder. Our association and exchange of expertise and ideas has been central to our successful carpet tile Take Back™ programme in the UK. This has reflected our strong growth in the commercial business in a very positive way and is fully integrated into our long term Cradle to Cradle® objectives."

Kate Burnett, Milliken's Strategic Marketing Manager comments: "Milliken has long understood that ethical behaviour is not just the right thing to do, it is key to sustainable growth. That's why Milliken has been proud to support CRUK from the outset to ensure the development of viable practical recycling solutions that meet our clients' needs and improve the environmental footprint of our industry."

Reflecting on CRUK's work to date, Laurance comments: "We can now effectively offer the whole 'circular' package. Manufacturers are helping their customers with their clients' waste carpet, while examining how their own products can be improved with sustainability in mind."

He estimates CRUK's membership currently covers around 35% of the carpet supplied to the UK market, but believes much more could be achieved with greater industry support. "With our core funders and members' help we continue to do a great job but more support is critical to achieve our goal of 60% landfill diversion by 2020. Will you join us?"

To enquire about membership or for more information please call 0161 440 8325 or visit www.carpetrecyclinguk.com.

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