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Landfill diversion reaches 31% with core funder support

Core Funding support from Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors/Headlam, Desso, ege, Milliken, Balsan and Marlings has enabled Carpet Recycling UK to further exceed its original 25% by 2015 landfill diversion goal: 125,000 tonnes of carpet were reused, recycled or recovered for energy in 2015, equivalent to a landfill diversion rate of 31%. This represents an 11% increase on the 2014 diversion total of 113,000 tonnes. Energy recovery accounted for 81,000 tonnes (65%) and recycling 44,000 tonnes (35%), both of which have grown at a similar rate.

CRUK Director Laurance Bird praised core funders and members, whose commitment and support has driven growth in recycling capacity: "New recyclers are focusing on this material stream and existing recyclers are adding capacity based on increased demands from local authorities and waste management companies".

CRUK enquiries grew by 15% overall last year with a particularly sharp growth of 96% from retailers and flooring contractors seeking to reduce their environmental impact and explore potential for cost savings through recycling and changing waste disposal practices. Advice provided by CRUK to local authorities, including London Waste Recycling Board (LWRB) has evidenced potential for further recycling of waste carpet in metropolitan areas. Laurance also identified EU MSW targets for 2020 as a driver to stimulating further interest from this sector.

Laurance added: "Our 2015 achievements clearly show that carpet is now regarded as a valued raw material that presents opportunities for reuse in a variety of novel applications."

Read more of CRUK's 2015 achievements here.

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