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2016 Achievements: Landfill diversion of carpet waste rises to 35%

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Carpet Recycling UK figures show 142,000 tonnes of carpet waste diverted from landfill through reuse, recycling or energy recovery in 2016 representing 35% of total annual waste carpet generated in the UK; a 14% increase on the 2015 total. Energy recovery increased by 35% compared to 2015 as the use of carpets as a renewable fuel source in cement kilns continues to replace fossil fuels in this growing sector. A 50% increase in capacity for municipal energy-from-waste facilities over the past two years has also contributed to greater use of carpet waste in renewable electricity and energy generation.

CRUK Director Laurance Bird acknowledged the "outstanding support" of core funders Cormar Carpets, Lifestyle Floors/Headlam, Desso, ege, Milliken, Balsan and Marlings: "They lead the industry in demonstrating extended producer responsibility for carpet throughout its lifecycle and their commitment enables us to continue to advance sustainability in this sector."

Membership grew to 97 organisations from across the sector last year, stimulated in particular by retailers and flooring contractors seeking to cut waste disposal costs and promote business sustainability to customers. CRUK recycler members continue to innovate and invest in new processes to recover valuable fibres, such as polypropylene and wool for recycling into new products. In 2016, Anglo Recycling launched its Growfelt range of horticultural growing media and Emerald Trading introduced Fibre It equestrian surface products.

Laurance commented: "Increasingly, businesses, householders and local authorities are looking for better alternatives for the recycling of unwanted carpet materials. We are proud of our achievements and appreciate the wide-ranging support from members and core funders to help ensure the growing demand for carpet recycling services is met."

Download a full list of CRUK's 2016 achievements here.

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