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Recyclers work together to secure a second life for 10,000m² of carpet tiles

Two award-winning members have joined forces to divert 10,000m² of large, one-metre squared carpet tiles from landfill. Nottingham based Carpet Tile Recycling, winner of the CRUK Reuse Member of the year, was invited to partner with Recofloor Drop-Off Site User of the Year, Fantasy Flooring from Bristol, on their first contract to oversee environmentally friendly carpet tile disposal. The client is a leading financial advice company undertaking a major office refurbishment in the South West of England.

uplifted carpet tiles recovered by Fantasy FlooringWork is now underway and 7,000 square metres of tiles have already been recovered. Advance orders for 1,200 square metres for a self-storage depot and 900 square metres for a commercial property company are in place, with good levels of interest from business and social housing.

To avoid wastage of the estimated 20% scrap of these extra-large tiles, the offcuts are being made available to anyone prepared to invest a little time and effort to install them, for transport cost only. The project is running very smoothly, and Carpet Tile Recycling and Fantasy Flooring are looking forward to working together on other projects.


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