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Our targets for 2014:

  • Increase landfill diversion rate to 30% (120,000 tonnes) with re-use and recycling at 45% and energy recovery at 55%

  • Increase take back of fitting offcuts to 1,000tpa by raising awareness of the potential logistics recovery routes being developed by manufacturers and distributors

  • Increase the number of recycling outlets across UK for reuse, recycling and energy recovery to provide local capacity, minimising transport costs and offering wider choice

  • Raise awareness of the benefits of carpets as a feedstock for fibre recovery and reuse as well as energy recovery, via media communications and participation in sector trade events

  • Recruit more retailers and flooring contractors as members to stimulate local infrastructure collection opportunities for recovery of carpets for recycling. In particular encouraging retail marketing groups via their memberships to create local partnerships

  • Increase awareness of all opportunities for carpet recycling via local authorities with disposal responsibilities. Increase the number of HWRC sites available to consumers for carpet recycling and ensure these are communicated to residents

  • Increase awareness of carpet recycling opportunities and recycler initiatives across the value chain including waste management and local authority decision makers

  • Encourage segregation of carpets in commercial waste streams so that contamination is reduced and recyclate quality and value are improved. Raise awareness among building refurbishment professionals about planning for carpet recycling within refurbishments

  • Encourage support and participation from across the total carpet value chain so that the resource burden is shared and more than 50% of the UK carpet suppliers join this initiative
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