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There are many specialised outlets for recycled carpets. The numbers of specialist outlets for carpets is steadily increasing.

Carpet Tiles can be reused or recycled:

Reuse: Carpet tiles can be collected, cleaned and subsequently re-fitted in a new location. Carpet tiles with a durable nylon pile are an ideal product for refurbishment and reuse since their flexibility and rugged construction lends itself to a second life. The durability of carpet tiles is significantly higher than their actual life on the floor.

The reuse of carpet tiles has a number of added value outcomes, including the environmental benefits of preserving resources and reusing material, the creation of training placements for marginalised individuals and the provision of low cost flooring to households and charities on a budget.

Recycling: Carpet Tiles can be recycled by separating the nylon fibres from the bitumen backing. The nylon fibre can be recycled back into yarns and used in new carpets. The bitumen backing can be recycled into applications such as roofing and road surfaces.

Outlets for Synthetic Carpets:

Equestrian surfaces: Mixed Synthetic carpet is shredded and mixed with rubber crumb and sand, to form a surface for equestrian usage.

Nylon recovery: Nylon from carpets can be extruded and injection moulded into engineering plastics such as Washing Machine parts or Wheel trims.

Polypropylene recovery: Carpets with polypropylene face fibre and polypropylene backing can be shredded granulated and extruded into pellets which can be moulded into plant bots or buckets. This technology has been trialled on post consumer carpets, further trials are needed to test this on an industrial scale.

Outlets for Wool Rich Carpet

Non-woven products: Carpet fibres can be pulled and blended with other fibres to produce products such as underlay and insulation. Due to their insulating properties, fibres from wool rich carpets are particularly suitable for use in underlay as well as sound or heat insulation products.

Compost and growing media: Due to its high nitrogen content wool rich carpet is suitable as a soil enhancer for growing media, in green roofs and compost.

EFW: Carpet of all composition and construction can be used for Energy from Waste due to its high calorific value. Carpet is shredded and made into a fuel flock to replace coal in cement kilns.

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